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Papers written and/or presentations given by David Kilsby since 1991 are listed below. Titles shown with an asterisk against them are available in the archive (see "other"). Initials in brackets indicate co-author(s) and/or co-presenter(s).

David's writings have been published in:

  • Cityscape
  • Transport Engineering in Australia
  • The State of Play and City of Cities (Warren Centre, Sydney University)
  • Transport Reviews
  • Municipal Engineering in Australia
  • Road and Transport Research
  • (earlier than 1991:Traffic Engineering and Control, Regional Studies)

Year Title Event
2008 Peak Oil - what Australians need to know Engineers Australia SHTRG Seminar, Mittagong
2008 *"Traffic In Towns" revisited Engineers Australia Transport Panel, Sydney
2007 *Transport's Future Energy Needs: Is There A Role for Hydrogen? Autralian Institute of Energy, Sydney
2007 *The Impact of Peak Oil on Public Passenger Transport Policy 10th International Conference on Competition and Ownership in Land Passenger Transport, Hamilton Island
2007 *What will our vehicles run on? "Transport - the Next 50 Years" Conference, Christchurch
2007 *What will our vehicle run on in 50 years time? A preview Engineers Australia Transport Panel, Sydney
2006 *Promoting Australia's Growth through Efficent, Integrated Transport Infrastructure (with DB,SS) 29th Australasian Transport Research Forum, Gold Coast
2006 The Impact of Peak Oil on transport Engineers Australia Transport Panel/UNSW, Sydney
2006 *Peak Oil - It's Coming Planning Institute of Australia seminar, Sydney, extracts published in Cityscape
2006 *The Sydney Metropolitan Strategy - Transport Issues Engineers Australia Transport Panel, Sydney
2006 The Australian Standard for Off-Street Parking Opening address for Standards Australia seminar, Sydney
2006 *Australia's Future Oil Supply and Alternative Transport Fuels Submission to Senate Inquiry into Future Oil Supply
2005 *Energy Futures for Australia Discussion Paper, published in Transport Engineering in Australia 2005
2005 *Reality Check for Sydney's Railways World Class Rail for a World Class City conference, Sydney
2005-06 *National Transport Issues Presentation to Civil/Structural Branch, Newcastle Divison, Engineers Australia; also to Transport Panel, Sydney and Transport Panel, ACT
2004 *The Ethical Challenges and Professional Responses of Travel Demand Forecasters - A Review Discussion Paper, subsequently published in Transport Engineering in Australia 2004
2004 Transport, Environment and Health (with PL) "Towards Sustainable Land Transport" conference, NZ Institute of Highway Technology, Wellington
2004 Oil Predicament and Projections "Cities Without Oil" seminar, Australian Institute of Urban Studies seminar, Sydney
2004 *Australia's Transport Infrastructure - Fit for Purpose? (with PL, DB) 27th Australasian Transport Research Forum, Adelaide
2004 Will our Transport Modelling Practices Suffice in Future?) Transport Engineering Lecture, University of NSW
2004 *Transport and Oil Sustainable Transport Seminar, Melbourne
2004 *Transport, the Environment and Health in Australia (with PL) Urban Transport 2004 Conference, Dresden, Germany; subsequently published in Transport Engineering in Australia, 2004
2003 *Assessing Impacts of Greenhouse Gas Abatement Measures on Urban Freight (with NS,LM,MT,GD'E) Third International Conference on City Logistics, Madeira, Portugal
2003 *Scenario Modelling 101 Engineers Australia Transport Panel/UNSW, Sydney
2003 The draft South Australia Transport Plan - A National Perspective South Australia Infrastructure Forum, Adelaide
2003 Transport at the Sydney Olympics seminar at Transport for London
2003 The AusLink Green Paper on Infrastructure Funding IEAust Transport Panels, Sydney, Perth, Melbourne, subsequently published as "*AusLink Summary" in Transport Engineering in Australia 2003
2002 *Scenario Modelling for Sydney (with FM) 25th Australasian Transport Research Forum, Canberra; also transport engineering lecture, University of NSW
2002 *Delivering Infrastructure: From Ideas to Reality (Observer's Summary) IEAust Transport Panel/UNSW, Sydney
2002 Integrating Land Use and Transport(with AF) IEAust Transport Panel, Sydney
2001 *How can Menorca progress towards sustainable transport? Discussion Paper, later published in Transport Engineering in Australia 2002. Spanish language version also available.
2001 The Environmental Assessment process : A case study - the Scoresby Transport Corridor Transport engineering lecture, University of NSW (also delivered 1999 & 2000)
2000 Similarities and differences between Sydney's and Melbourne's transport systems (with JMcK) IEAust Transport Panel, Sydney
2000 *Energy futures for transport Transport Futures Seminar, IEAust/UNSW, Sydney (revised for Warren Centre and published 2002 as "Transport and Oil" in City of Cities)
2000 *Road Transport - Future Directions revisited Warren Centre, Sydney University (published 2002 in City of Cities by Warren Centre)
2000 *Show me the way to go home : Designing for inclusion AITPM National Conference, Gold Coast
2000 Sydney's transport invited chapter in The State of Play, first report from the "Sustainable Transport in Sustainable Cities" Program, Warren Centre for Advanced Engineering, University of Sydney.
Developing a strategic transport model: A case study - MITFEM Transport engineering lecture, University of NSW
1999 *Smart answers deserve smart questions : ITS in the service of pedestrians and cyclists Intelligent Transport Systems Australia National Conference, Adelaide
1998 *Transport : Getting it right for older people (with TLW) 22nd Australasian Transport Research Forum, Sydney
1998 *On a tankful of beans : Human-powered transport "Beyond Oil" National Symposium, Chartered Institute of Transport, Launceston
1998 Evolution in practice : Local public transport initiatives in NSW (with TLW) Eighth International Conference on Mobility and Transport for Elderly and Disabled People, Perth
1997 Government intervention in individual choice and the effect on public passenger transport in Sydney Fifth International Conference on Competition and Ownership in Land Passenger Transport, Leeds
1997 Integrating land use, transport and environmental planning for a 1500 hectare development in Western Sydney (with MW) International Roads Federation Conference, Toronto
1997 ITS and GIS applications in public transport Issues Paper, Melbourne
1997 Building sustainable metropolitan transport systems Community Service Obligations Conference, Sydney
1997 To do what, with what and to whom? 21st Australasian Transport Research Forum, Adelaide
1996 Connecting up our cities and towns for everyone AITPM Annual Conference, Gold Coast: also published in Municipal Engineering in Australia 1996
1996 Social programs in transport : Welfare hand-out or effective policy instrument ? Transport Policy Workshop, Institute of Transport Studies, Sydney
1996 The potential for technological innovation in transport Land Use and Transport Workshop, Sydney
1996 Integration of land use planning and transport planning Urban Transport 96, Sydney
1996 Distinguishing between function and form in urban transport systems Land Use and Transport Workshop, Sydney
1996 Land use and transport : The yin and yang of urban planning Integrated Urban Planning Conference, Sydney; also RAPI NSW/ACT Annual Conference, Goulburn
1995 Life wasn't meant to be easy : Latest issues and policies at the interface between land use and transport Land Transport Infrastructure Conference, Sydney
1995 Towards Purchaser/Provider principles in CSO policy: A case study from the purchaser's viewpoint Community Service Obligations Conference, Sydney
1995 Transport provisions and concessions for older people in NSW (with LF) Fourth International Conference on Competition and Ownership in Land Passenger Transport, Rotorua ;
Chairman of conference "User Requirements" workshop and co-author (with NS) of workshop report published in Transport Reviews 1996
1994 The use of transport charges to meet social impacts NRMA Seminar on social aspects of transport pricing, Sydney
1994 The planning and provision of regional transportation infrastructure regional planning lecture, University of NSW, Sydney
1993 Models for Travel Demand Management : experience and views ARRB Modelling Workshop, Melbourne
1993 Sydney : A case study in Ecologically Sustainable Development Institution of Engineers (Australia) seminar, Perth
1993 Riding the wave : Strategic planning in transport (with CH) National Engineering Convention, Cairns
1993 A strategic planning process applied to land use/transport development in NSW (with PP,DS) International Road Federation Conference, Madrid ; also published in Road and Transport Research 1993
1993 Wheels of change : Planning and decision-making interfaces Urban Transport Conference, Sydney
1993 Integrating light rail with existing traffic and transport systems Light Rail Conference, Sydney
1993 Moving people at environmentally sensitive tourist sites Seminar, Sydney
1992 Public transport - motherhood or myth? Urban Consolidation - Planning Better Cities Conference, Sydney
1992 Integration of land use planning and transport planning physical planning lecture, Sydney University, Sydney
1992 Transport and the older traveller NSW Office on Ageing, Sydney, later published Senior Citizens Week 1993
1992 Is sketch modelling of practical value in transport development ? (with PP,DS) 16th Australasian Transport Research Forum, Canberra
1991 Interaction of land use, transport systems, employment and population (with PP) Housing and Urban Planning Conference, Sydney
1991 Urban transport infrastructure - Buses: Barriers and opportunities Urban Development and Renewal Conference, Sydney
1991 Financing new urban transport : Recent Australian experience (with PP,GG) Pacific Rim Council on Urban Development Annual Conference. Vancouver

Co-Authors/Presenters (and affiliation at time of paper/presentation)

AF Anthea Fawcett Planning NSW
CH Calum Hutcheson Sinclair Knight Merz
DB Doug Bowers GHD
DS David Stewart NSW Roads and Traffic Authority
FM Frank Milthorpe Transport NSW
GD'E Glen D'Este Parsons Brinckerhoff
GG Garry Glazebrook independent
JMcK John McKerral Warren Centre, Sydney University
LF Leo Flynn NSW Office on Ageing
LM Leo Marquez CSIRO
MW Mark Waugh Sinclair Knight Merz
MT Mike Taylor Transport Systems Centre, University of South Australia
NS Nariida Smith (1995) Institute of Transport Studies, Sydney University
(2003) CSIRO
PL Philip Laird University of Wollongong
PP Peter Prince Travers Morgan
SS Shukry Sahhar Engineers Australia
TLW Terry Lee-Williams NSW Ageing and Disability Department

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