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The Institute for Transportation Policy Development This US-based not-for-profit organisation is particularly good for news of what is happening in less developed parts of the world - eg Latin America, Indonesia.
"If" "If" is a dramatised documentary series produced by the BBC. The episode screened on 10 March 2004 dramatised a plausible scenario outlining what might happen if the UK's gas supplies were disrupted by a terrorist attack on the gas pipeline in Russia. Disturbing stuff.
CORDIS This is a summary of research into sustainable mobility in the European Community. A snappy acronym seems to be de rigeur for any self-respecting project - ADONIS, FATIMA, ISOTOPE etc - but I'm buggered if I know what CORDIS stands for.
Real time bus information If you want to check where the buses in King County, Washington, are at this very moment, this is the site for you.
Sustrans Details of the UK's National Cycle Network - a terrific achievement.
Infopolis Guidelines for providing information to public transport users, particularly intermodal information.
Car Free Cities A well-illustrated and practical polemic on urban form and transport.
Ecoplan A stimulating umbrella site for people concerned with sustainability to share their knowledge and tools.
The World Transportation Commission There really was such a thing, and its members went on a world tour in 1894-96, and its photographic record has been preserved.
Colin Campbell "The Imminent Peak of World Oil Production" - a presentation to an All-Party Committee of the UK House of Commons in 1999.
The Big Rollover Les Magoon, a senior petroleum geologist with the US Geological Survey, shows how oil is moving from being a buyer's market to being a seller's market (hence "the big rollover") - right now.
StreetMap UK postcodes are pretty small units - typically of a size to receive about 25 letters per day. Their geo-coding has brought major benefits for large scale commercial data collection (eg the 10 million passenger interviews of the Market Analysis Projects undertaken by UK bus companies 20-odd years ago) and now StreetMap have produced a great personal site for Poms. Enter any postcode and see just where it is - maps at several scales are available. I used to live in a semi-rural settlement in Midlothian and Streetmap got my old house almost spot-on, even at the highest resolution, from the postcode. I'm impressed.
International Organisation of Motor Vehicle Manufacturers In 1999 the world produced over 56 million new motor vehicles. Car production rose 4% and LCV production 12% on the previous year, while heavy trucks fell 5% and buses fell 9%. Read OICA's statistics and boggle.
Transport and Health The Transport, Health and Environment Charter drawn up by the World Health Organisation in 1999.
National Pollutant Inventory (Australian) data for 1999-2000 is now accessible. A bit of arithmetic reveals that motor vehicles were responsible for 70% of the carbon monoxide, 67% of the oxides of nitrogen and 74% of all volatile organic compounds emitted into the Greater Sydney airshed during 1999-2000. And, though only accounting for 28% of particulate emissions (PM10), they were still the largest single source, ahead of the next highest contributors - the iron and steel industry, solid fuel burning and electricity supply.
Jerry Schneider Jerry Schneider at the University of Washington collects details of innovative transit technology - implemented, under development or concepts.
Human Rights and Equal Opportunity Commission Documents progress towards fully accessible public transport in Australia.
Oil Depletion The Proceedings of an International Workshop on Oil Depletion held at Uppsala Univesity in May 2002.
Electric Cars Apparently aimed at schools, this site provides a huge amount of information about electric cars and low-energy vehicles.
National Committee on Transport Engineering (NCTE) The site gives details of the NCTE of the Institution of Engineers Australia nationally and, via State Transport Panels, in each State of Australia, and includes an extensive collection of transport-related links.
Natural Capitalism This is worth reading for the description of the expected "hydrogen revolution" in transport alone, but there is much more here than that. This is about the business opportunities that abound for those who start thinking in terms of servicing rather than production. Highly recommended.
America Walks This US non-profit coalition of local advocacy groups is dedicated to promoting walkable communities.
Perils for Pedestrians The site of this US TV program includes a great collection of further links.
Plan B: Rescuing a planet under stress and a civilisation in trouble Lester Brown, President of the Earth Policy Institute think-tank, proposes in a new book many measures for deflating the "global economic bubble" before it bursts. The text can be downloaded free.
Multimap A site that appears to be able to produce maps for anywhere in the developed world you can think of, at a variety of scales - rather useful.
Energy Shift Think-piece from CAMWest, the Western Sydney cyclist action group, describes Australia's present dependence on imported oil well. Other interesting features on this site include news about active transport and obesity in children
The Natural Edge project Work by a team of Australian young engineers to assist in bringing together and developing robust frameworks, operational methodologies and best practice for sustainability.
Oil Supply Inquiry Submissions to the Inquiry into Future Oil Supply and Alternative Transport Fuels, received by the Australian Senate "Rural and Regional Affairs and Transport" Committee.
ASPO Australia The site of the Australian chapter of the Association for the Study of Peak Oil. Contains much topical material.
Tokyo Motor Show A Herald reporter's view of some of the models on display at the Tokyo Motor Show 2007.
Segway A Herald 2008 report on the fate of the Segway.
Baktiari The evidence of Dr Baktiari to the Senate Inquiry in 2006.
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06/07"What will our vehicles run on in 50 year's time - preview" addedArchive
04/07Cityscape article on SITS addedArchive
11/06Cityscape article on Peak Oil (3rd part) addedArchive
10/06"Promoting Australia's Future Growth Through Efficient, Integrated Transport Infrastructure" addedArchive
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08/06Cityscape article on Peak Oil addedArchive
03/06Senate Oil Inquiry Submissons listedArchive
12/05Review of Sydney Metropolitan Strategy Transport Plans addedArchive
10/05Report on ATRF 2005 addedArchive
10/05"Capturing public transport benefits of alleviated road congestion" addedArchive
08/05NCTR paper "Energy Futures for Australian Transport" addedArchive
08/05"World Class Rail for a World Class City" conference report added (& later updated)Archive
07/05Reality Check for Sydney's Railways addedArchive
05/05National Transport Issues presentation to Engineers Australia (Newcastle) added (& updated 08/05 after Sydney presentation)Archive
03/05Oil paper updated againArchive
02/05Comments on NSW Energy Green Paper addedArchive
12/04Report on NZ transport sustainablity conference addedArchive
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10/04Fitness for Purpose of Transport Infrastructure paper added
Oil paper updated again
08/04Oil paper updatedArchive
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